Treasured Memories Geode Necklace

Treasured Memories
Please allow up to 6 weeks once we receive the ashes for Tari to make and ship your order
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These memorial necklaces allow you to encapsulate the precious memories of that special person or pet in your life that has passed away. Each is a sentimental and meaningful work of art that can be worn for years and passed down for generations.

AAOTE's founder, Tari Zarka, works with love to encase and forever preserve the ashes that you provide into durable borosilicate glass, creating a timeless treasure. Each pendant is hand-crafted and will have its own totally unique look and movement inside the window.

The Geode design is a time-intensive piece to make, utilizing several layers of glass color to create the gorgeous geode effect. These are a larger, heavier pendant that finishes approximately 1.75” long and is truly different each time it’s made. Please expect variation in the inner swirls. Feel free to ask for a layer or turquoise blue/green or red to be added to the rings of the geode’s ‘exterior’.

They are priced to finish on our comfy, adjustable (17”-27”), sliding knot cotton cord. Upgrade to a chain of your choosing here.

After placing your order, you will receive an email with a PDF attachment with instructions on how to submit your ashes. Once received, please allow up to 6 weeks to produce and ship your order. Geodes are a multi-step, time-intensive design.