About AAOTE & Tari Zarka

AAOTE's Mission Statement:

At Aspiring Artists of the Earth (AAOTE) we believe in the healing power of creative arts and work to lift the love vibration here on Earth, one spirited-made piece at a time. We work from a place of unshakable inner faith to ensure our ancient, unbreakable practice of adornment and gifting Live to Uplift.


We're celebrating our 20th year in-business! Founded by Bucks County-born artist Tari Zarka in 2004 to embrace the healing power of creative arts while supplying top-notch, high-vibing jewelry, gifts, and art to the marketplace. 


As we continue to grow and set the pace for the level of quality our investments deserve, we've garnered copycats. When searching for AAOTE ensure you've got the real deal. Our teams are working to clear the field of imposters. 


Read on to learn of AAOTE's roots in gifts that give back, keep tabs on our Blog, including a recent post about our legacy of creating functional products from scratch and founder Tari Zarka's creative entrepreneurial tenure and her inherent drive to Live To Uplift,  our brick-and-mortar shopping options, including our own Bucks County, Pennsylvania AAOTE Gallery Showroom.


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It's always best to shop your local retailer if you have one. That way, you get to vibe with the work with instant shopping gratification. Awaiting a local shopping option?

Enjoy our online shop and please know we're happy to drop-ship your gifts and we even hand-write your note for your gift receiver!


We produce spirited made goods from a place of harmonious creative flow. 


AAOTE $20 and Under Quick Ship Collection, Aromatherapy Collection, TZ Glass Quick Ship Collection, and most of our offerings are in-stock and ship within 2 business days. 


However much of the TZ Glass catalog is handmade-to-order. In order to balance this, current production time for made-to-order TZ Glass is 4-8 business days

(larger and wholesale orders will have extended production time). Production time for handmade-to-order TZ Glass Art can fluctuates seasonally, please plan accordingly and order for holidays early. Remember, if you have a local shopping option check them out for hands-on, immediate gifting needs


Tari is honored to utilize her creative gifts to bring light to loss of life through glass art. Shop Treasured Memories memorial TZ Glass art.


We’re excited to have now reopened our Bucks County, Pennsylvania showroom, AAOTE Gallery!


Fundraising with AAOTE! Fill out the contact form to get some info going to see if we can help you raise some funds. We partner with 501 C-3 Organizations focused on societal healing and wellness and organizations like sports teams to offer a code to use in our online shop to allocate 20% of product sales during said campaign dates back to the organization. It's a real easy and win-win way to raise funds with love-lit, spirited-made goods.


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AAOTE's History:


AAOTE was founded by Bucks County-born artist, Tari Zarka, maker of TZ Glass (and Treasured Memories, too). A life-long, creative entrepreneur who gathered her dreams, committed to being guided by intuition, and formulated the company in 2004.


We are rooted in professionally creating and distributing spirited-made work that seeks to connect, share, inspire, and give back. We’ve traversed this great country via farmer’s markets, street fairs, music festivals, craft fairs, art festivals, and wholesale trade shows.


We've offered our works through our own humble AAOTE Gallery showroom in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania since 2005 (hours and availablity fluctuate but we're almost at 20 years of art in the old hosiery mill).


We offer wholesale of select collections and are honored to work with some of the most amazing retailers across North America to best connect community with our spirited, well-made, artisan-crafted goods.


Since 2016 we've been invited to set up boutique space at the Bucks County Designer House and Gardens Tours. We're exciting to be offering  a collection at the 2024 Bucks County Designer House in Perkasie, PA. It'll be minutes from our Dublin AAOTE Gallery Showroom!


Tari is rooted in the power of giving back and since 2004 we’ve sought ways to ensure our creative gifts Live To Uplift.


Since AAOTE's inception Tari has sought ways to collaborate with local organizations working towards societal compassion and healing. We're honored to work with stellar organizations like NOVA Bucks, GlassRoots, and Village Improvement Association, for many years now. 


In 2020 Tari created Live To Uplift to best utilize our resources and connections in the marketplace for our greater good.


Today each piece of AAOTE and TZ Glass Jewelry kicks back .33 cents per unit to Live To Uplift missions.  Thank you to everyone who supports this work we do!

2023 We were able to raise $1212.41 in Live To Uplift donations.


2022 Live To Uplift was able to donate $2144. 


2021 Live To Uplift donations: We donated $3,218 in 2021! It was a wonderful launch of Home for Harriett’s Necklaces that really helped this total. Thank you to all involved here!


Live to Uplift launch Year 2020 Donation total:
We donated $2109 our launch year!


Thank you to all customers, all buyers, all managers, and everyone involved for your support! You allow us to continue to do this!

Shop with confidence: check our reviews on Etsy, Facebook, and Google. AAOTE is the home of TZ Glass, Live to Uplift, AAOTE Gallery. All are owned and operated by Tari Zarka.


Gratitude, accolades, and big love to our growing AAOTE Family of models and content collectors:

Dr. Anabelle Broadbent, CEO & Founder at Verde Ops

Bernadette Engard, Photographer

Carmen Z Diaz Burgos, Photographer

Dana Fielding, Photographer

Swaroop Nashikkar - Photographer

Shaka, Fitness Trainer, Surfer, Model

Cindy Nicol, Surfer, Model

Jennifer Campbell, Yoga Goddess | Yoga Instructor

Timothy Garrison, Meditation Master | Massage Therapist

Joshua Woodroffe Photography

Special Equestrians Therapeutic Riding Center

Tari Zarka, CEO, CCO, Founder of AAOTE, Maker of TZ Glass



We often get asked about our website sale schedule and to be honest, we work to offer really reasonable prices year-round. Site-wide sales are rare for us and occur as a gift of gratitude and celebration. Our most recent site-wide sale was in early August in-celebration of this new website and in-gratitude of all the blessings recently contributed by our growing AAOTE Family.


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Regarding promotions terminology, in-tandem with mindfulness, you'll notice that we steer fairly clear of 'flash sales', which generally are supposed to mean a small window, usually consisting of a few hours or half a day, to take advantage of a sweet offer. 

We feel being taken off focus for distraction not conducive to our day's agenda and family's immediate needs, when our time is so precious and already stretched so thin, isn't very thoughtful of our well-being. 

Hence, when AAOTE runs a 'Flash Sale' or 'Site-wide' sale, we run it with a reasonable chance for you to find time to enjoy our offer. 


We appreciate your support and hope we get to create gifts for you and your people when the time is right.


Take great care!


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