AAOTE Mindfulness Tools

Mindfulness is key to help us be guided by our intuition, grounded by our tenure, and open to our knowledge that we have more to learn and understand, always.


AAOTE is passionate about creating products that can help remind us of our inherent awareness and power.


Fidget Widget flameworked TZ Glass Mindfulness Tools are created by AAOTE's founder, Tari Zarka, to help us connect to our sometimes minute-by-minute need to center, ground ourselves, and allow balance to resume before proceeding. Each is made with a slight concave on a soothingly smooth surface. Ease your mind by repeating a motion, like you would on a worry stone. 


Being mindful involves tending our vessels so we may best shield and shine our light as we are meant. Taking time for meditation and/or prayer can allow for us to channel our inner calm and wisdom. Our Charmed Wood and Silk and Gem Wood Diffusers often find their homes in yoga studios and zen dens.


The ends of the cord on our Wood Diffuser Bracelets on cotton can be calming to fidget with, enhancing the mindfulness aspect of their aromatherapy attributes.  


Our Wood Diffuser Beaded Stretch Braclets act as a mindfulness tool in that they can be used like a mala or rosary; begin at the first bead adjacent to one side of the wood diffusing focal, say aloud or quietly your matra or prayer and as you one-by-one touch and move through each bead as you rotate the bracelet to the other side of the wood focal. Repeat as many times as needed to best be in strength and radiant flow.