Classes and Team Builds

Classes, Team Builds, and Parties at AAOTE are designed to foster an ignited creative spirit which can help with

everyday inspiration, intuitive development, problem solving, resourcefulness, and tenacity at work, at play, and in daily life.


We are offering two levels of classes and team builds, Basic Jewelry Making and Beginner Flameworking. Jewelry making classes held at AAOTE Bead Vault, our new beads and jewelry making supply shop.


Glass Flameworking classes will be out in Tari's studio. Keep in-mind that the best time for glass classes is in the Spring and Fall. Due to the ventilation requirements the studio is reflective of outside climate. Summer is too hot for classes.


A Class can be a great party idea!

Instructor: Tari Zarka, AAOTE's founder with a 20-year tenure in professional, creative entrepreneurialism.


We will discuss the creative arts to explore how attempting to learn a new craft or skill can improve our ability to more gracefully flow with the inevitable learning curves and changes of life and the workplace.

Sign up by purchasing one ‘unit’ for each attendee. Once you place your ‘order’, we will be in-touch within 24 hours to schedule your class or team build for a day and time that works for all. There will be no refund for cancellations however if you contact us 24 hours prior to your scheduled visit we will be happy to reschedule your visit. In the event of bad weather we will automatically reschedule and work out another time slot.