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Live To Uplift was founded by AAOTE’s Chief Creative Officer and Founder, Tari Zarka in 2020. The ultimate vision is that the better supported and connected we are as a society, the more quickly and effectively we can resolve our great responsibility of preserving our natural ecosystems for generations to come.

We are honored to be love-lifting year-round (through donation of proceeds from Live To Uplift Glass Necklaces. Plus each AAOTE Jewelry item allocates .33 cents per unit sold divided up and donated to the following to the) amazing missions:


Equality Education supporting Home for Harrietts and Harriett Tubman Day, America's first federal holiday for a woman.


P.T.S.D. Rehabilitation of Combat Veterans supporting HealVets.


Creative Spark in our youth supporting Glass Roots in Newark New Jersey.


Forgiveness Education supportingThe Forgiveness Project, and in honor of the beloved Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


NOVA Bucks supporting victims of abuse and their recovery supporting our local 501 C-3 non-profit, a long-standing community leader in assisting children and families through difficult roads.


Substance Addiction Rehabilitation supporting The Grace Project.


Emergency Medical Services, non-profit EMS, supporting our local Point Pleasant PA EMS.


Volunteer Fire Departments supporting our local Dublin and Telford PA Volunteer Fire Companies.


Children and Family Services supporting our local 501 C-3 non-profit, a long-standing community leader in assisting children and families through difficult roads. As we clear permissions to list recipient's name here we will update with the organization's name.


The words on the back of our Equality Education packaging are:


”I go to prepare a place for you” are known to be Tubman’s parting words. We embody this, to support the healing our whole of humanity needs. We are working to see March 10th become the first ever federal holiday named for a woman, bill HR 7013, passed by congress on or before March 10th, 2024. We dreamt to be here by March 2023 but we must continue to make our wishes heard as we work for this beautiful goal of recognition and healing (please feel our deepest gratitude if you are inclined to join us in writing your congressperson in support of this bill).


This essential day of reckoning is led by educator, writer, youth mentor, owner of Harrietts Bookshop in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia, and Ida’s Bookshop in Collingswood, NJ, Jeannine A. Cook.


Proceeds from this TZ Glass Drop of Positivity Necklace support A Home for Harrietts being 100% community-funded, a drop in the sea of change we are working to see in our lifetime.

Donate directly, learn more:


Please know, a minimum of .33 cents per unit for all AAOTE Jewelry and all TZ Glass sales will benefit Live To Uplift missions, furthering our uplifting reach!


Our current donation tally:

Thank you to everyone who supports this work we do!

2023 donations:

We were able to raise $1212.41 in 2023.


2022 donations:
We were able to raise $2144 in 2022.


2021 donations:
We were able to raise $3,218 in 2021! It was a wonderful launch of Home for Harriett’s Necklaces.


Launch Year, 2020 Donation total:
We were able to raise $2109 our launch year!

Move to be inspired and serve! A message from founder, Tari Zarka:

I truly feel that as business owners it is our responsibility to be the leaders we need in our world. We can inspire and uplift our communities with our honest, hard work, and still have profits (to do more good).


As a creative entrepreneur driven to love-lift, it feels only right to ensure AAOTE works to Live To Uplift volunteer and non-profit essential organizations, and community leaders working to facilitate stability, connection, and healing within our society.


It is not new for businesses to support charity. However, it is my hope that I will inspire other companies to rethink their resources in ways that can drive more connectivity and flow to uplift the vibe in their communities.


Common Q & A’s:

If the ultimate goal of the company is environmental preservation for generations to come, why are all the missions humanitarian-based?

Who are the keepers of our land? We are! A broken human is poorly able to care for themselves, how can they care for another, or the future of life on Earth? Healing first from within helps best ensure we have suitable foundation for which to grow to live to uplift, one good vibe at a time. This lifted vibration can help drive our passion to do better individually, as a whole society, to preserve our natural eco-systems for future generations.


“Why isn’t ‘x’ or ‘y’ cause on your list? It’s very important because ‘x’ ‘y’.”

Be aware, uplifting all that could use it at once is impossible. Being a helper in this world of great disrepair can be quite a plight. Being a giver in this world means learning to set boundaries and sticking to them.


Reminders for fellow helpers, givers, leaders:

We must stay focused in our goal sets and be warriors in protecting our energy. The ills of this world are currently far are too daunting for one to face alone. We must be resilient shielding our energy, while at work, while at play, and while at rest. And we must be able to know when it’s best to let a lift await another’s time. Depletion leads to exhaustion, which leads to sickness. We lift more effectively when well. Let's be well!


Additionally, over the years I’ve often heard how I inspire people in ways to seek more joy and creativity. Well, it is a goal of mine that other business owners (and individuals) will be inspired to emulate this model and find ways to rethink/retool their resources to weave tighter threads of connection to uplift their communities.

Wishing us well, and working for it, too!

-Tari Zarka

Founder of Live To Uplift, AAOTE, & Maker of TZ Glass

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