Geode TZ Glass Necklace

TZ Glass by Tari Zarka
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Geode pendants are literally TZ Glass by Tari Zarka rocks with your gaze and imagination, are portals to a calmer, inspired state. Check out a video showcasing these TZ Glass Geodes.

TZ Glass Geode Collection features a crystal clear glass portal ground open through sandy rings of color. Each Geode features its own world within with a rocky-looking but smooth exterior.

The Geodes are the most time-intensive of the TZ Glass pendant line to create and are often at least 1.75” long. These are a heavier pendant.

The images you see here represent the piece you will get. These are not made to order and the piece you see is the piece you will receive, and they ship gift-boxed within 2 business days.

Would you like a longer or sterling chain? Upgrade here.

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