Drops of Positivity Earrings

TZ Glass by Tari Zarka
These handmade glass beacons of positivity require 4-8 business days to create and ship
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Created in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, these gorgeous lightweight earrings are here to remind us to work in light and love to harness the power of positivity. They are radiant and when the light hits them just right, they’re oh so nice!

AAOTE’s founder, Tari Zarka, flameworks these delicate, lightweight, sweet glass Drops of Earrings by hand, to-order, for you, shipping within 4-8 business days of your order. 

Each drop is approximately 1.25” tall, lightweight, and a joy to wear. The base pricing includes nickel and lead-free, stainless steel earwires with rubber stoppers. You can upgrade Drops of Positivity Earwires here

Here at AAOTE, we work in accordance with intuition and seek to maintain a positive outlook, knowing that it can help attract the outcomes we seek. Shedding one weak thought at a time, resetting, and proceeding, can often in our times be said more easily than personally implemented. We're beyond well-aware of this, that’s why AAOTE's founder creates Drops of Positivity, to uplift vibes one drop at a time.

Our $20 Drop of Positivity Necklace and these $40 Earrings have maintained their wonderfully reasonable price point through recent post-2020 inflation. One of AAOTE's core missions is to create and offer love-lit work that can be attained by most budgets.

Gifts that give back while being reasonably affordable is one of our ways of helping ensure we can stay inspired and connected. It's one of our ways of utilizing creating flow to help strengthen our abilities to restore our faith in one another, and humanity, for our greatest good.

Anywhere near Bucks County, PA? You can shop our collections in-person! We're in the heart of the beautiful county, north of Doylestown, south of Quakertown, and have a humble showroom, AAOTE Gallery, with handmade treasures by 70+ artists and makers.