2023 Celebrate Women's Voices and I'm Honored To Be the Featured Entrepreneur

Posted by Tari Zarka, Founder, CEO, CCO of AAOTE and maker of TZ Glass on Oct 14th 2023

2023 Celebrate Women's Voices and I'm Honored To Be the Featured Entrepreneur

I'm honored to have been asked and to be the highlighted entrepreneur at this year's Celebrate Women's Voices Event presented by the JGB Fund for the Future. The event is an gathering via Zoom on Saturday, October 28th, 2023. 


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As part of the event, I was asked to do a little write up on my why, and I thought why not share it as a new blog post:

I founded AAOTE in 2004 from my drive to bring ethically made, creatively inspired, quality goods at a reasonable price to the marketplace. AAOTE’s been a mission-based company since its inception. I’ve persisted to find ways to unify with 501 C-3’s to bring awareness and funding to their healing missions through our creative works.

AAOTE’s mission statement is:

We believe in the healing power of creative arts and work to lift the love vibration here on Earth, one spirited-made piece at a time. We work from a place of unshakable inner faith to ensure our ancient, unbreakable practice of adornment and gifting Live to Uplift.

Through supporting goods that are sustainably sourced and ethically made, by independent makers, we strengthen individual communities one driven creative entrepreneur at a time. By ensuring the products sold have a way of allocating a portion of profits to giving back to the community utilizes consumerism as a force of good.

I know that if our society grew to become more mindful of source of origin we’d learn more respect for the work that goes into each and every thing in our lives. As a whole we’ve lost a great sense for all that goes into what we consume and utilize in our daily lives. It’s my hope that the meager work that I do can help contribute to rebuilding mindfulness in our society.

Promoting the creative process is important to me as the act of creating, trying and failing and trying again, is at the core of honing our intuition, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills. I love inspiring folks to try a class as the process of learning something new is a great character builder. Even if what is produced at the end of the learning isn’t something we’d ever want to see again, the process experienced can yield greater intuitive trust and flow. Learning something new can be humbling and inspiring all at once. I believe to best appreciate our gift of life we must strive beyond stagnation to learn, grow, and share until we go.

Let me share now my vivid vision for AAOTE. We are based in my family’s former hosiery mill with two large metal buildings, each approximately 7,500 SQ FT. It is my goal to transform these structures into indoor vertical farms providing added food security in our community. I wish to allocate a set amount of fresh produce to be donated directly to community members in-need of vibrant, healing, fresh foods, while profiting from the sale of the produce grown.

I see this as an ultimate way to validate how important and healing the creative arts can be. I appreciate your attention and support in learning more about me and AAOTE.

~Tari Zarka