TZ Glass Treasured Memories

Bringing light to loss through glass art.


Treasured Memories are the memorial glass art of AAOTE's founder, Tari Zarka. With her great passion to bring more light, love, and healing to our world, she offers her creative gifts in glass to create these sentimental, meaningful works of glass art.


These whimsical memorial designs encapsulate the precious memories of that special person or pet in your life that has passed away. Each is heirloom-quality glass art that can be treasured for years and passed down for generations.


Shop the design options listed below. Please contact us with questions. Please know we've recently made Treasured Memories available on this website and have posted earned reviews via the slideshows. Thank you.

*Please know:

Treasured Memories orders are a longer production time, requiring 2-6 weeks from the time we receive the ashes to the finished product is ready to ship.


Artist Statement:

With a 5000+ degree Fahrenheit torch flame fueled by oxygen & propane I hand sculpt borosilicate glass into wearable and decorative works of glass art. I generally refer to what I do with glass as flameworking. The ‘Geode’ pieces have lapidary cold-working processes involved in their creation.


I have a deep desire to bring more light, love, and essentially healing to our world. I believe in the healing power of creative arts and work to lift the love vibration here on Earth, one spirited-made piece at a time. I work from a place of unshakable inner faith to ensure our ancient, unbreakable practice of adornment and gifting Live To Uplift.


Thank you for supporting this work I do! I’ve been at it professionally since 2004. So here in 2024 I just turned my 20th year in-business! What a ride, and an illustrated book to come!


My humble studio, along with my company AAOTE, is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. We operate out of my family’s 1960’s hosiery mill, following many years of industrious, hard work. Read more about me if you'd like.