AAOTE Healing Water Vibes

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AAOTE Water Vibes Collection is here to help us reconnect, in any moment, anywhere, with the calm and rejuvenation of our high-vibing, vacation times. 


We feel it’s possible to connect and resonate our water-filled-and-fueled selves with the energy of our choosing. For many of us, being by the water, allowing our thoughts to ebb, flow, and find calm with the lapping waves upon the shore, is a place of perfection and great inspiration. AAOTE’s founder, Tari Zarka, is one of those people; flameworking to help us connect with peaceful, guided flow through her Beaches Collection, which are original, wearable glass paintings available in Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelet options. Check out a video showing Tiny Beaches color options.


AAOTE Lava Diffuser Bracelets and our Full Circle Metal Earrings coordinate quite well with our Healing Water Vibes Collection so we've also included those here as well.